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Translation Pricing

How much will it cost to translate my material?

Good question. Now for the non answer.

We price translations according to a number of factors.

First, language. Spanish is least expensive, exotic unusual languages—Laotian, Khmer—are most expensive.

Second, complexity. A business letter or employee manual is least expensive, a schematic blueprint for a manufacturing process or a dense legal contract are more expensive.

Third, file format. Plain text or word processing files for the PC or Mac platform are least expensive, HTML, software strings and DTP files—Quark, Pagemaker, Framemaker—are more expensive.

Fourth, non text elements. If you have graphics, tables, charts or other non text elements, these have to be processed. We need access to the original graphic files to be able to change any text embedded in the graphics. Any time spent working on graphic elements increases the cost.

Fifth, turnaround time. If you need it yesterday it's more expensive.

So how much is my translation? We can't give you a canned answer because we don't know the variables above. But, if you can let us look at your project we will give you a firm price proposal, in writing. The proposal will include the price, turnaround, what we need from you, and how we can return the material to you—not always as simple a matter as it might seem if you need Japanese, for example, and are working on an English operating system.

Ideally, we would like to see the entire material in electronic format. If you do not have all the material we can extrapolate a quotation from a representative sample. If you do not have the material in electronic format—that is, if you do not have a file or files—we would be happy to look at a fax of the material. To send email please click here. To fax us please look here.

We are sorry that we are unable to give prices here—we quite understand that customers want to know exactly how much a translation will cost and don't want to wait for an answer. But we do promise to return a quotation rapidly on anything you send us to evaluate.

One final point—please do not send us the originals of anything, especially by US Mail. We do not lose documents but there are ways for documents to vanish between us and the customer, either coming or going, that we cannot control.

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