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Mien originates in South East Asia. It is also known as Yao (in China) and Iu-Mien or Iu-Mienh or Yiu-Mienh. In the United States it is mostly called Mien.

There are significant Mien speaking populations in China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, France and the United States. The majority of Mien speakers in the United States are found in the Central Valley of California (near Fresno).

The Mien in China are called Yao. However, the Yao are an ethnic group in China, and, confusingly, not all Yao speak Mien.

Mien is primarily an oral language.

There are two scripts. The older script is written using Chinese characters. A new orthography was developed in 1983 using Roman characters.

Translating into Mien faces the same set of issues as translating into Hmong. The Roman orthography is new and essentially an attempt to record sounds using Roman characters. There is no guarantee that the translated material will be universally intelligible to Mien speakers.

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