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Hindi is the first official language (there are 15) of the Republic of India. It is spoken by more than 180 million people in India and by more than 600 million worldwide.

The word "Hindi" should not be confused with the word "Hindu" which is used for a person, either to describe an inhabitant of India (from the old word "Hind" for India) or an adherent of Hinduism. A Hindu might well speak Hindi.

Development of Hindi

India has suffered many incursions, invasions and periods of foreign dominance. The invaders have left their mark on the language. During the rule of the Mughals (up to the 18th century), many Persian and Arabic words entered the Indian languages. For example, Urdu evolved during this period from a Hindi base and is now completely different from Hindi due to the Arabic influences—it is written using the Arabic script.

The British period (approximately 1877-1947) has also had a major impact on the language. In addition, the English language is still used for foreign affairs, commerce, higher education, and especially science and technology.

Nationalistic movements in the 19th and 20th centuries promoted Hindi as a national language. The constitution of 1947 stressed Hindi as the official language of India, with English to be phased out by 1962. This has not happened. In addition to the importance of English in India, there are also many other languages in daily use—because of the difficulty of classifying the languages, estimates of their number range from a conservative 407 to an official 1,683.

What dialects are there in Hindi?

There are many dialects including

  • Braj Bhasha
  • Bundeli
  • Hindustani
  • Bangaru
  • Kanauji

It is hard to distinguish exactly what is a dialect of Hindi. Indeed, quite often when people refer to Hindi they are actually talking about a loose group of affiliated languages.

What script does Hindi use?

Literary Hindi is written in the Devanagari script (also used for Sanskrit). It has 48 syllabic letters and is written from left to right. If you need Hindi fonts please look here or here.

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