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Freelance translators

For full time in-house employment, please click here.

We work with translators all over the globe. We are always interested in hearing from high quality, professional translators.

If you have sent a recent resume to Interpreters Unlimited please be assured we have that resume already.

If you wish to send us a resume, please include the following information:

  • Your native language
  • Language pairs
  • Subject specializations
  • Educational background
  • Professional experience and history
  • Professional affiliations
  • What software you possess, and which operating systems you work on
  • Experience with Trados, if any
  • Do you edit?
  • Any limitations on your ability to receive files electronically (e.g. attachment size limits)

Please send us a resume by email to or by fax or mail. (Click here for address and fax number.) However, for translators that live in countries other than the U.S. and Canada, please be aware that we cannot use your services unless you are able to accept payment in U.S. dollars sent via U.S. Mail. Unfortunately, wire transfer and/or courier services are very expensive and add greatly to the costs that we incur for each project. We look forward to eliminating such restrictions as the methods of monetary transfer between currencies become less costly.

We receive dozens of resumes each week. Although we wish we had time to respond individually to each resume, the sad truth is we are almost always frantically busy and simply cannot do so. Therefore please do not be disappointed if you do not get an immediate response. Our normal practice is to sort and file resumes by subject and language and then to contact translators as we have suitable projects.

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