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Machine translation and free translation

The only kind of free translation available is machine translation. If you want some links to try out internet versions of machine translation here are some:

The next logical question is, how good is machine translation. The answer is that it can be very useful if you just need to get the gist of something and don't care exactly what it says.

If, for example, you have a document and you want to know if it is a recipe or a gardening text, machine translation will tell you. But please don't rely upon machine translation for anything important.

As soon as machines can think, feel and write poetry, machine translation will become sophisticated enough to make human translators worried.

In the meantime, try putting "Time is of the essence" into an English to French translation program, which will give you "Le temps est de l'essence," and then back into English. You will then know that "Time is of the gasoline". Perhaps a profound insight in an alternative universe, but not a translation.

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